AniMeals is one service provided by Second Chance Companions to seniors, disabled and needy individuals in Clark County, Washington. We distribute pet food free of charge to Meals on Wheels recipients, individuals in assisted living and senior facilities, and area food banks. This enables individuals to keep their companion animals, providing a special quality to their lives and saving their pets from an uncertain fate.

We depend on community support to keep this program going. We have many drop off points in the Vancouver area and one might be in an area you frequent:

We carefully check all donated food and make sure it is NOT food that has been recalled.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program obtain pet food?

Currently we obtain food from free will donations and pet food drives. Pet food distributors, manufacturers, and retailers also provide us with salvage product and donations. When we face times where there is insufficient food to supply to seniors, we will purchase food. While we rarely have sufficient cat food to meet the demand, we have never had the need to buy dog food.

How are the meals packaged and delivered?

Volunteers package each pet’s meals individually and then take it to the local Meals on Wheels office. The pet meals are delivered by Meals on Wheels volunteers along with the human meals. Local food banks draw on the supply provided to the Clark County Food Bank.

How can I help the program?

By making a donation of money or pet food to AniMeals, or by holding a pet food drive to benefit the program. We have many drop off points in the Vancouver area and one might be in an area you frequent – the full list is above.

Monetary contributions can be sent to SCC at PO Box 2343, Battle Ground WA 98604-2343. Corporate sponsors are acknowledged in many ways such as food labels, website, social media, newsletters, and other public outreach. If you have a large food donation or have questions, please contact LaVerne Locey, AniMeals Team Leader by calling 360.977.0534 or email

Helen Woodward Animal Center began this program in 1984 and is one of several like it in the United States. Expanded in 1993, AniMeals now serves pets throughout San Diego County. SCC is proud to have our own AniMeals program here in the Clark County area of Washington State.