Find a Home

Find a Home

SCC does not have a facility in which to house your pet, so we ask that it stay with you while we assist with permanent placement. We request the following from you:

  • Detailed, accurate information about the pet’s habits, training and health, including immunization and spay or neuter
  • A color photo for publication on our website and other advertising sources, if available
  • Attendance at adoption events as often as possible to enhance chances of adoption
  • A donation of $10

SCC will:

  • Represent your pet accurately from the information you provide
  • Advertise your pet as available for adoption on our website
  • Publish a listing of all available pets in other formats
  • Screen potential adopters
  • Refer potential adopters to you for final screening – you have the final say in who adopts your pet

SCC believes that very few pets are “unadoptable” and with patience and persistence, the right home can be found. We will make every effort to find a suitable home for your pet in a timely fashion. However, we cannot guarantee results in a given timeframe.

Because SCC has a limited number of foster homes available, and they are almost always stretched thin, we also cannot guarantee that a foster home will be available for your pet.