Dog Adoption Application

    About the Applicant
    (Must be 18 years of age or older)

    Personal Information

    Is anyone in the house allergic to animals?

    Does your entire household agree to the adoption?

    What You're Looking For

    Age Desired (check all that apply):

    Approximate Size:


    If dog is not altered, will it be done within 10 working days?

    Have you ever attended Obedience Classes?

    Are you willing to give a home to an elderly dog, one with medical issues, or one that needs immediate training/obedience classes?

    A dog with medical issues?

    An older dog?

    Dog with training issues?

    Current Living Situation

    Dog to live:

    Do you own any other pets?

    Are all dogs/cats altered?

    Are current pets up to date on vaccinations?

    Do all current pets in your home have identification (microchipped, licensed, tags) in case they are lost?

    Do you rent or own?

    Is your home located on:

    Traffic on your street is:

    Is your yard fully fenced?

    Will your dog get daily walks if not in a fenced yard?


    Please provide information for three references (other than your vet or landlord) who know you as a pet owner or can vouch for your overall responsibility:

    Reference #1:

    Reference #2:

    Reference #3:

    Upon receipt of this application, an Adoption Counselor will check your references, including your current vet, and then get back to you about scheduling a home visit. They will also tell you how to get in touch with the current caretakers of dogs who would be a good match for your home. Your application will be processed as quickly as possible, but please understand we are staffed by volunteers and it may take a few days.